D. Rowell

Aim Hay Bay

(Come In)

By: Koyh Mi O Boy Dah

Oral Traditions

Like many Plains Indian tribes, the Kiowa Elders socialized and taught the young through oral traditions. As many tribe members move from tribal lands and reservations, our multi-generations old link of shared stories and experiences is in jeopardy. The grandchildren no longer live close to grandparents to learn of thier culture and past.

Here we will post stories shared by Elders as they have shared with grandchildren for generations. Each a story shared by tribe Elders that wanted the stories preserved for future generation.

Eventually, I hope to have a means for others to share thoughts, video or audio stories to this site. We all are critical links in our mult-generational oral traditions. It is our turn to share stories, songs and dances to forge the next link.


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Vanishing Link Promo
A modern Kiowa woman is taken on an unexpected quest.

TRT: 1:24
Video and Audio available.

Powwow Spirit
Kiowa Elders discuss the power of Kiowa Songs and Dance.

TRT: 6:44
Video and Audio available.

Creation Story
Kiowa legend explains how the Kiowa came to be.

TRT: 2:35
Video and Audio available.


Kiowa Elder talks of how the flute came to the Kiowa.

TRT: 2:49
Video and Audio available.


Nick Quetone
Nick expalains and sings the Rowell family "Maude Song" .

TRT: 2:53
Video and Audio available.


Vincent Bointy
Sings and translates a Kiowa song.

Video and Audio available.